{ Review Friday } AeroGel

Aerogel hairspray, image from sleekhair.com

I’m not a huge hairspray girl. I hardly ever use it. But when I do, it means that I want my hair to STAY PUT. None of that flexible hold crap. My hair holds curl really well, and I don’t have a ton of issues with it whatsoever. At least none that I can really complain about. I have naturally wavy hair (used to be much more curly, but now that I’m getting older it seems to be straightening out) and it really has worked to my advantage through the years. I can have awesome volume if I want, I can have stick straight locks thanks to the magic that is my flat iron, and I can have big ‘ole beachy waves or tighter curls too. I’m usually not a girl who likes to have my hair pulled up. I like it down and I like to only wash it twice a week tops. But sometimes you just need to do a bun. Or sometimes you just need that swoop to STAY PUT because you’re performing and you can’t be worrying about your hair flying all over. And sometimes you just really need all the hard work you put in to backcombing to really pay off all day long because it took you a half hour extra to get your hair that big.

Let me introduce the miracle hair spray to you all.


Seriously, people. This stuff is amazing. It’s got cement staying power, but you can comb through it and it doesn’t leave a trace of white flaky crap like other strong-hold hairsprays. (Unless you use A TON of product, then you will get a few flakes. But not as many as most hairsprays!)

I was in a show a few years ago and this was the stuff they used to keep our hair lasting the entire first and second acts. And I could sleep on my horribly braided hair and it would still be practically perfect when I woke up the next day. Incredible, I tell you.

So if you’re looking for a really amazing strong-hold hairspray, and you don’t like the gunky, sticky feel of most of the hairsprays out there that claim to be strong-hold but just don’t really live up to it, this is the product for you. It’s totally worth the price tag for me because I really don’t use it too often, I probably go through a can every year and a half.

GET THIS. That’s all.


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