{ Project Wednesday } desk redo

I’m refinishing my first desk. This is also my first attempt at using chalk paint. I couldn’t justify the cash on Annie Sloan so I found some awesome tutorials on Pinterest and am making my own! I hope it turns out.

Here’s the before pictures, I’ll be posting the afters next week! (As long as Miss P sleeps long enough for me to get it painted by next week.) What you can’t see very well from these pictures is the horrible GLITTER GLUE that the person who had this before me put over the top of the gold paint on the bottom of the legs and around the top edge of the desk. Maybe a 12-year-old girl thought it would look good. But she was mistaken. Also the yellow paint job was horrendous. The color isn’t bad, but these pictures make it look about 100 times better than it really looks in real life. I’m really hoping the aqua color I picked out looks good. I don’t think it can look worse than what it does now though!

Desk Before

Desk Before Drawer


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