{ Recipe Monday } Massaman Curry

So, confession. I used to really not enjoy food. I ate because I was hungry, and because my mom made me, and I hated trying new things.

Then I went to college. And my friends were into all sorts of strange things like sushi, and curry. And I was terrified. But I tried it. And I liked it! Food is now one of my most favorite things.

Thai food is delish, and I found an amazing recipe for Massaman Curry that everyone needs to try. I’m obsessed. I got the recipe here  and I now stalk this site daily. They have a ton of other amazing recipes! Follow their blog if you need some new recipes to add to your arsenal!

Anyway, this curry really is amazing. If you like Thai then you’ll LOVE this. It’s easy and tastes better than I’ve had at most restaurants! I would suggest to add salt, because I sort of love salt. But you can always add it to your individual portion if you have a husband like I do that isn’t as much of a fan of salt as I am… Enjoy! It will NOT disappoint.

Picture credited to Favorite Family Recipes.


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